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As you may have noticed, and based on the attendance you have – this blarg has been a bit slow lately. There are reasons, yes, rather than typical grad-student slog (senioritis may no be much of a viable excuse at 24.)

My field work happens in the fall with my fellow grads here, so rather than sit around all summer, I decided to work and visit family – keeping both my sanity and bank account within reasonable standing.

If you read this blarg, or happened upon here through some mystical journey of internet erosion and deposition, I ask that you remain patient.
Classes and routine in-office days on campus begin again on Monday. I will be around a LOT then, with plentiful posting time, and also in an environment which nurtures my geo-side.

Topics to look forward to from W&Rs:
2011 Keene Valley Landslide in the Adirondacks of New York
Water Policy, Protection, Etc.
Geology of CHEESE!
Old Oil [Short Story!]

…and more!



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